Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Guide to April Fools' Day Pranks!

Today's the day! April Fools' Day that is! I used to live for this day as a child. I would spend weeks concocting these elaborate plans to prank my family and some of them did end up turning out pretty good! In the fifth grade I woke up significantly early for school and switched out all of the socks in my dad's sock drawer with those in my little brother's closet. My brother was in first grade at the time so they both got a kick out of that one! 

I appreciate a clever (and harmless) prank and April 1st is all about that silly, go-lucky attitude. I was looking around for little ways that I could prank my friends this year and I came across a few options. Here are some of the simpler yet still classic April Fools' Day pranks that I found!

Post - its Galore
Buy a few packs of post-it notes from your nearest office supply store. If you're really committing go ahead and get 10 to 20 stacks. Now all you have to do is cover anything and everything in post-its. Pick their desk, their door, their car, their bed or hey, tackle the whole room! It takes a surprisingly little amount of time to use up all of the sticky notes and it's a colorful marvel to discover!

Bull-horn Surprise
This is probably the most vicious of all the ones I have here so make sure to pick a friend who you know is going to be able to laugh it off. There are a few different ways that you can utilize a bull-horn. One option is to Duct Tape the bottom of the bullhorn to a wall onto which a door opens up to. This tends to work best when the door is a few feet away from the the transverse wall in the room. When your victim opens the door, it will swing back and land against the taped bull-horn, sure to cause quite the shock! Another option is to tape the horn onto the legs of a suspension office chair. When your friend sits down in the chair and it slightly sinks down it will end up resting on the top of the bull-horn. I can guarantee you they won't be sitting for long!

The Brutal Candy Mixup
This one is one of the least elaborate pranks of the group but would be a especially great for an office setting. Simply mix a bag of Skittles, a bag of M&Ms and a bag of Reese's Pieces into a bowl. These little candies all appear to be the same at first glance but result in a nasty combination. You're sure to throw people off with your sneaky concoction.

An Ocean of Cups
I always knew this as the classic High School senior prank. It takes a good amount of determination (and most importantly time) but with the help from a few friends it's sure to be talked about for years to come. Fill up each individual cup with water and slowly proceed to cover the floor of the room. The key here is to plan out the space you're going to be covering and then start at one end of the room moving backwards. When your friend comes in they'll have the task of picking up and emptying each cup of water in order to move across the room. When this is executed throughout an entire hallway the results are epic. 

Orange Juice Masquerade
This prank is pretty original. Buy a bottle of orange juice and pour out the contents. All you need to do is fill up the bottle with water and add the cheese mix found in Macaroni and Cheese boxes. Mix thoroughly until the powder has completely dissolved into the water. It really does end up looking like orange juice! Just make sure to stand a few feet back when your victim takes the first drink! 

Useless Soap
For this prank simply cover a bar of soap with clear nail polish. You won't be able to tell a difference and your victim will be scrubbing for minutes without any lathering. It's sure to cause a laugh if they can even figure out what happened!

Hope these little bits of prank inspiration help you to have a comical and casual April Fools' Day. I'm personally not one for the overly ruthless high jinks but I think that a gag carried out with wit and some mercy can be a bonding opportunity for you and your friends. Just remember, if you've got the guts to unleash one of these pranks, be prepared to brave one yourself!

What are some of the classic pranks you have tried?

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