Saturday, April 12, 2014

Long Story Short: Long Dresses Required

So one of the main reasons I chose to come visit PK this weekend is because of his formal tonight! He's been able to attend some of my formals at school however I've never gotten the chance to come experience his so I am so excited to be here! There are typically a large scale of dress requirements for formals ranging from sun dresses, to cocktail dresses to long dresses required. Tonight, long dresses are required. Apart from college formals, it is definitely important to have a long dress waiting in your closet in case of a wedding, party or fundraiser!

       Long Dress Required

Obviously you're not going to be wearing a long formal dress every day of the week but if you invest in a high quality dress with a fairly classic silhouette you'll be able to wear it for years. Typically a high quality long dress is super expensive, at least for a college girl's budget! Hence why it is so necessary to invest in a dress that is truly going to last for a while! I'm all about going for a solid color. You can always change it up with your jewelry and shoes and give the dress a fresh new look!

J.Crew has mastered the simple and elegant long dress designs and these silhouettes aren't going out of style any time soon! The two styles featured here are the Megan Long Dress and Arabelle Long Dress both in silk chiffon. The floaty chiffon in a Grecian-style drapery is flattering on absolutely every body type and sure to receive tons of compliments! 

Feelin' Fancy!

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