Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Spruce up a T-Shirt!

Dress up that tshirt!

I am not a girl who wears t-shirts to class. Of course I have tons of shirts but I only wear them to do my homework, run errands on the weekends or to lounge around my room. The current sorority trend is to buy oversized t-shirts which I am all for! They are comfortable and long enough to wear over leggings however I definitely do not think that this "comfy" look is appropriate for class. Girls do it, but I am not one of them. 

I am a girl that is all about the "look good, feel good" motto. At school I always try to look put together. A skirt, button down and flats are my go-to outfit. I think it shows respect to your professors but also keeps you awake and alert throughout the day! This past week I broke my rule and wore my first t-shirt ever to class...

Needless to say this was a special occasion however, and after wearing it I found that it is possible to dress up a t-shirt! They don't always need Nike shorts and Chacos to accompany them, they can definitely be incorporated into an outfit if you pair it with the right pieces. 

Above I put some combinations to inspire you all! With a normal sized t-shirt they can almost always be tucked into a skirt. The type of skirt you pick can definitely transform the outfit whether it is a flowy A-line or a fitted mini. The sorority shirt vs. the Beatles shirt shows the different levels of formality. Eva Mendes {here} showed how to rock a Beatles t-shirt in a work environment in the movie Hitch! Another obvious choice are some white or denim jeans. Loosely roll up the hem of the pant and pair them with a solid, or patterned flat for a more mature look!

We all have t-shirts, ones that commemorate our favorite sports teams, concerts or brands. By learning how to give these pieces a more mature spin you can rock these shirts more often and in a more stylized way!

Actually currently wearing a t-shirt,


  1. I love how you styled these! Great post :)

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