Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Finds: My boyfriend is going viral?!

So this Friday Find is definitely my favorite so far! This video has been flying around TFM, TSM {here} and all over my Facebook Newsfeed! The video shows a group of fraternity boys dancing in Greek Spring Sing at Western Kentucky University and it's totally going viral! These boys did it right and did I mention my boyfriend is in it? It makes me laugh every time I watch it!

Many schools have similar events like Spring Sing. It's basically where all of the Greek organizations come together in a competition. They perform either skits, dances or songs and it's so much fun to watch! There are a wide range of how elaborate these performances are and let me tell you, these boys are the best I've ever seen. Needless to say, they won this year. Not only did they get the trophy for the competition but the video has over 20,000 views on Youtube! Talk about crazy! I'm definitely having to keep Pk's ego in check!

Take a minute to watch these boys "Bring Sexy Back". They're dancing to Justin Timberlake is not only impressive but also hilarious!

Happy Friday!

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