Monday, April 28, 2014

Burn Baby Burn

Well my dermatologist is actually going to kill me for saying this (and my 40-year-old self for that matter) but I love that first sunburn of the season. I don't know why? Maybe it's the fact that it means summer is coming, maybe it reminds me of my childhood on the tennis courts or maybe it's because I know deep down it will turn into a tan in a few days, I'm not entirely sure. I promise I'm not a masochist, I just love that feeling!

I finally got my first burn of the year this past weekend. First off, the fact that I had enough time to lay outside and get burned is a good thing. And second, goodbye ghostly legs! Hallelujah! Anyways, after the novelty of finally having that first burn sets in (literally), now you have to deal with it. We've all had those bad burns, the kind of burns where your skin peels for weeks, showers during those days feel like you're in the pokey from Matilda and sleep is, well, impossible.

I always keep Aloe Vera in my nightstand at home but seeing as I'm currently at school and I never assumed I'd be getting a tan in April, aloe hasn't been on my grocery list. So while I was laying in my bed, regretting that 4 SPF, I looked up some ways to combat the achey feelings of a bright red stomach. I'm not typically the kind of person to look for home remedies as opposed to buying the Target brand-name solution but I figured I would search Pinterest anyways. Here are some of the things I came across:

1. Earl Grey Tea Compress
2. Egg Yolks
3. Lavender Oil
4. Onions?

Okay, not really sure what I think about the onion but I'd be up to try any of the others. Pause. I'd try any of the others minus the egg yolk. An egg allergy and yolk all over my body might make for an interesting story but I'm not willing to risk it. So Earl Grey Tea makes it to the top of the charts for me! Fortunately by the time I woke up on Sunday the burn had faded (woot!) but next time I will definitely be up to try it. I always keep a box of Earl Grey tea in my room so I already have the supplies ready to go! Here's how it works:

Simply make three bags of tea and let it cool to a lukewarm temperature. Once it has cooled, use a soft rag to dip into the tea and dab the rag onto the sunburn. Apparently the key is to let the tea absorb into your skin instead of wiping it off. The tea is supposed to have instantly cooling effects and be able to get rid of a burn overnight?! 

Sounds to good to be true but desperate times… Although I didn't have aloe around, I saw another great idea on Pinterest! Freeze aloe vera! Honestly, how did I never think of this? So brilliant. It's instant relief when you get in from outside, you could place it on your skin while you're falling asleep and then the aloe's effects would take it from there. Genius, just genius.

So fingers crossed that this was the first and final burn of the season, but realistically I'm definitely prepared to face a summer of pool days and lake weekends. Have you ever tried any of these solutions?


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