Monday, April 21, 2014

A New Easter Tradition: Cascarones!

The whole family was here for Easter weekend this year and by whole family I mean the whole family. Cousins and aunts and babies from all corners of the country were able to come together and it was such a great time. Seeing as yesterday was Easter my family had the traditional Easter Egg hunt however this year's had a slight twist. Our side of the family from Texas introduced us to the tradition of Cascarones! Instead of simply hiding eggs with candy inside, you hide eggs with confetti inside and what's the best part? You smash them over each other's heads! 

I definitely wasn't sold on it when I was hearing the explanation but once we started the hunt it was on! The eggs have been hollowed out and cleaned so their brittle shells make it super easy to break them open with your hands, or on the head of your brother!

Basically the rules are as follows: 
  • You'll hide the eggs in the normal fashion. We ended up just placing most of them amongst the grass in the yard which turned out to be convenient once we all started running around.
  • As you find eggs you try to smash them onto the head of other people and have the confetti fall out! Smashing the eggs soon turned into chucking them and eggs were flying all over the yard!
Pretty simple aye?!

We hid 25 dozen eggs around the yard and after five minutes the egg-hauling war was through. While this seems like a lot they're super cheap and fairly easy to make. I went ahead and provided the steps below! Although Easter has now passed the eggs would be great for a birthday party and I definitely want to do this with some of my friends at school!

Without further ado, the steps!

1. First you're going to take a couple dozen eggs (or however many you'd like) and them out. To do this simply take a knife, fork or needle to break apart a quarter sized opening on the top. Don't worry about it being too big, it will be covered later on. Drain the yolk and wash out the inside of the egg. 

2. After your hollowed out eggs have gotten the time to dry, dye them! We always used simple food coloring to dye our eggs. The longer they sit, the more saturated the color will be. The saturation later looks great in photographs of your big event!

3. Fill your eggs with confetti! You can buy confetti at a party store or use a hole punch with construction paper! Spoons or funnels are easy ways to scoop plenty of confetti into your hollowed out hole.

4. Now cover your hole with a similar colored piece of masking tape. It's also optional to wait to dye your eggs after you've filled them and the masking tape will match your egg a little better. 

Wait for them to dry and then voila! You've got your eggs! Beware, I'm still shaking confetti out of my clothes hours after the game ended but I've definitely fallen in love with this tradition and I know I'll be carrying this one on.

Does your family have any Easter traditions that they repeated yesterday?

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