Monday, March 17, 2014

What to Wear on Saint Patrick's Day!

It's always tricky dressing for holidays. Saint Patrick's Day falls into the category of days like Valentines Day and July 4th, all the holidays where people are expected to wear festive colors. When trying to stay in the spirit and dress for these days of celebration it's often hard to find the balance between dressing festively without being, well, tacky.

St. Patty's Day separates the ladies from the girls.

There's a difference between that girl at the office who has saved her green dress for today or the girl that got her green crops dry cleaned for the occasion and the girl that's got that subtle piece of green worked into her outfit. There's something chic and whimsical about a pop of holiday color in a belt or some rockin' shoes. Dressing for these holidays is all about picking your accessories. If anything I think these are the days when you choose not to wear that green dress or that heart patterned shirt or that red, white and blue striped skirt that you just bought. We try not to blend in every other day so why should today be the same? I'm not about being pinched but I'm still about looking chic.

I put together some green accessories to keep you looking festive and fashionable! Slide some Hunters on for a rainy day or grab your trusty Kate Spade bag before you head out the door! St. Patty's Day is a time to show your inner style master and how creative you can really get with your outfits!

Make me proud ladies!

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