Monday, March 31, 2014

Tradition: UK Basketball

So I love a good J.Crew skirt and a pedicure as much as the next girl but I am also proud to say that I live for March Madness. As you know, I'm from Lexington, KY where basketball is a way of life. I grew up two blocks from Rupp Arena and I will bleed blue till the day I die. Where I'm from, basketball is religion and March is the time when it all comes down to the wire. 

It's killing me to be away from home (in Tennessee of all states!) while the tournament is going on and especially while the Cats are doing so well! It's crazy to see how a community can really come together to rally behind a group of kids. Whenever I see a Kentucky shirt while I'm in Memphis I always get excited! 

Although I am so happy that I go to the school that I do, I truly miss Kentucky sports. I have such great memories of basketball games with my family when I was younger. There are videos of my cheering for the Cats holding a pom pom in one hand and an American Girl doll in the other. I've had a foam finger on the bookcase in my room ever since I can remember and I still sleep in an outdated 7 National Championships shirt. 

The Comeback Cats are at it again this season and I've been loving it from 6 hours away. I'm breaking my cardinal rule tomorrow and wearing a t-shirt to class but I couldn't not rep my team after those two upsets this weekend! That blue and white pride is pretty hard to hide and admittingly, I'll be on edge until the Final Four game on Friday!

Anyone else a secret basketball junkie?!

Go Cats!

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