Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Break!

Today is my last day of classes before Spring Break. Well scratch that, I'm currently in my last class before Spring Break. Whoops. "Pilgrimages & Crusades were a source of funding for building Romanesque churches." … Obviously I'm having difficulties focusing. 

I just can't wait. 

I don't have any crazy Spring Break plans nor do I really want to. My cat, home cooking and a couch is really calling my name. I'm not someone who really gets home sick but I definitely need some time with my family. I need some time without a day scheduled around work and I need some time with my guy. Fact about Emily: I'm in a long distance relationship while at school. So that's really about most of the time. Needless to say, breaks are a little bit of heaven. Weekends are great but a whole week, I can't explain what that feels like. Keeping this minimally cheesy, let's just say I'm pumped.

So parents, brother, boyfriend, cats, and couch. What more could I ask for?
Well I could ask for the next 20 minutes of art history to go away but I guess I can deal.

Dying in class,

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