Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Forward

So today we set the clocks forward an hour. This really isn't a surprise, it does happen every year but still. I'm particularly at a loss because I already lost an hour yesterday moving from Central to Eastern time. Waking up this morning at 12:00 really threw me off. I felt like I lost an entire day! Tomorrow I'm definitely setting an alarm. However, despite feeling like I'm waking up two hours earlier I really can't wait to have longer days.

The days getting longer means we're getting closer to summer. And that, is something that I can't wait for. The sun setting at 6:00 just ain't my thing. Not only is it making me tired earlier but I feel like I'm eating dinner at midnight!

Due to this sudden change in time I've been searching all day for a new watch. For me I go in cycles of wearing watches. In high school I wore a different color plastic watch everyday. Don't judge me but they each had different smells - and this was precisely the reason I bought them. Otherwise, I've had a few colorful Swatch watches but I have never been consistent in wearing one. I'm currently looking for a more professional but still whimsical watch. I do think that a good watch is a necessary investment as I'm starting to look towards more work oriented experiences. I think it's that one accessory that's always can be professional but also show a little individuality.

Check out my digs below and maybe you'll see one on my wrist soon!

Still wide awake at 8,


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