Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow Days

So yesterday we had a snow day. A snow day. In March. In Memphis.

Either way, I'll take it. Waking up to the brightness of the snow outside is one of those "little things".  I always remember doing secret tribal dances in my room when I was in elementary school praying to the snowday gods that my school would close. I did even try the pajamas inside out trick. I'm also happy to say that the one time I tried this it did work. Although I don't typically spend the day sledding and creating elaborate 4 feet snowmen in the backyard I still love these days. Playing around in the snow (now mainly consisting of walking around in the covered grass) is something that I will never get tired of.

Despite my hopes that the weather will warm up as soon as possible, I loved yesterday.  It also was a much needed respite on a Monday. I could use more mondays off to sit in my room and drink a hot chai. And obviously a cake pop. If you give a mouse a cookie right?

So snow days are good and snow days will always be good. Thanks snowday gods, stay tuned for more tribal dances to come.

Diggin this day off,

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