Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Busy Week Go-To's!

Recently my life has been a mess of emails, work, meetings and general running around. Well, maybe that's always my life but even more recently it feels as if I've been so much more go-go-go! I don't think hustle is such a bad thing but maintaining your style can really suffer. These are the kinds of days where I skip the elaborate face of makeup and the perfectly planned layered threads and look towards my Go-To's. I'd define Go-To's as those items that never let you down, we all have 'em! Here are some of my recent, busy week grabs!

1. J.Crew Keeper Chambray Shirt (here)
This shirt is my absolute ultimate Go-To. I bought a slightly oversized version in order to get that "boyfriend" feel and more comfortable and casual look. My easiest outfit is throwing this shirt over a pair of fitted pants and I'm good to go in a quite literally "effortless" look. It's one of my best layering pieces, going great under a vest or sweater and looks put together when tucked into a skirt or loose over a pair of pants. Love love love this shirt and it was so worth the regular-priced-J.Crew splurge.

2. J.Crew Minnie Pant (here)
These pants are also one of my greatest investments in my wardrobe. The stretch twill gives the pant enough structure to give your legs a flattering fit but also has enough stretch to feel like you're wearing a pair of leggings! These are another piece that can be worn with just about anything. These pants make a button down or even a simple t-shirt look like a million bucks and on days where you're time to get dressed is crunched these are an obvious pick.

3. Leopard Print Flats (here)
A comfortable pair of leopard print flats are my recommendation for every girl's closet. I definitely consider a great leopard print as a neutral. I love the combination of stripes and a print. It's one of those mixes that give an outfit that extra bit of an edge and spice up a simple pair of jeans and a white top. Comfortable, is also a key word here. A day of a cheap pair of flats can really cause some major blisters. Investing in a better brand is so worth it and will return in the long-run when you're still rocking these babies a year after you purchased them. Knowing a trusty pair of comfortable shoes are a definite necessity for my closet. 

4. Warby Parker Finch Glasses (here)
So I'm definitely a turtleshell-aholic. And once again, I would consider this, "print" if you will, a neutral. Nothing says prep like a turtle-shell accessory am I right? If you wear glasses it's key to find at least one pair that will match any outfit for those days you need to run out the door without contacts and without thinking of the color that will match those navy pants.

5. Essie All-In-One (here)
You might think this one is a little odd for a Go-To but this is truly great for those hectic weeks. Sometimes it really is hard to maintain the upkeep on your nails when you're constantly busy and chipped nails are definite no-no. Essie all-in-one is the best way to maintain healthy and professional nails throughout the week. It's also great to give your nails a little love every once in a while and a break from the constant painting. Let your nails breathe and give them a strengthener while you're running from meeting to meeting!

6. Longchamp Le Pliage (here)
A total must. I really can't say enough about the worth of this bag. For travel, school, overnight carry-all and as a casual day-to-day tote it truly does it all. The fact that it can fold up  is amazing for quick trips when switching from a backpack to and from class. It's classic cool style goes with absolutely everything and believe me the room reminds me of Mary Poppins! It can carry everything I need on a daily basis without me having to worry about if the straps are going to snap! 

7. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (here)
I've truly fallen in love with this lipstick. Lip butter. Chapstick? I'm not confident on how to categories this type of lip product but it really conquers all. For one, the consistency doesn't dry out your lips! It keeps them smooth and even slightly moisturizes them lasting you all day without the upkeep of gloss, vaseline and then reapplication. I've been digging orange lately on those days when my makeup routine is lagging. It really makes you face pop when my foundation and eye routine has fallen by the wayside.  

8. iPad mini (here)
My handy dandy iPad, what would I do without you? I love carrying my iPad around. I always keep my iPad in my bag for those hectic running-out-the-door kind of mornings. On days that I forget to pack my laptop my iPad comes in handy and it's also great to have for waiting room occupation! If you're debating buying one of these "unnecessary luxury items" I would absolutely recommend it. I've gotten so much more use out of this than I expected and the size and weight is convenient for taking it everywhere. 

What are your busy day Go-To's?


  1. Go-To's are the BEST! I love the color of that Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter :)

    1. Hi Catherine! I first saw the orange in a J.Crew catalogue and after I had the nerve to try it I fell in love! It's great!

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