Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lusting after Lilly


This past weekend was Mom's Weekend for my sorority. Unfortunately my mom wasn't able to make the trip but it really has been great to be able to see everyone else's mothers! I feel like I always see the "school side" of people so it truly is special to be able to meet everyone's parents and it's really neat to see the immediate connection them all. I hope in twenty years all of the moms and daughters will still be able to meet up once a year and have brunch together. I can picture it now!

Yesterday, we sponsored a luncheon for all of the Moms. It was a time for them to come, grab a bite to eat and mingle with everyone. These types of brunch meet-and-greets are something that I really miss when I'm at school. Apart from yesterday I can't tell you the last time I've been to one but frankly, I love a good luncheon. Tea sandwiches are one of my favorite things in the world and more importantly, I love dressing up for a luncheon. First off, I think dresses are the way to go. A conservative sun dress is a must for any girl's closet and I am a firm believer in this. Whether this is a simple J.Crew shift dress or an Anthropologie Maxi dress, the style is your choice, but having that go-to dress that you could wear "to see your Grandmother" is a definite necessity.

For me personally, Lilly Pulitzer brings back so many good memories of spring. Every Easter my mom would buy "Mommy and Me" Lilly dresses. She would have the colorful shift and I would have the matching loose A-line, little girls version. It really was adorable and of course my daughter will be running around in those one day too! For me, Lilly is an understated celebration. It's classic, conservative, feminine and fun. It's truly the epitome of Southern style. It's horse racing season, mother-daughter tea, Easter Sundays and luncheons. At school I don't have any of my Lilly dresses with me because I haven't seen a need to keep them here before but I was really regretting it yesterday. With flowers blooming and a Mom's meet-in-greet I was flashing back to Mommy and Me days in those brightly printed dresses.

I jumped on the website and fell in love all over again. Here are some of the one's that particularly caught my eye. I am totally obsessed with the Lexington dress! (Fine, that's partly because it's the name of my hometown but mainly because it's absolutely adorable!) I mean… Easter is just around the corner, I think that's excuse enough to add another one to my collection!

Lusting after Lilly,

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