Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's Formal Weekend!

This weekend is formal weekend for my sorority. Two formals, Friday night and Saturday, which means a multitude of things but mainly some pretty sore feet. I am a firm believer that you can't dance your best with blisters on your feet and my secret to dancing the night away is this:

For dinner and the pre-party I wear my best heels. Those ones that match your dress perfectly and make your legs look a million miles long. Take your pictures in them and then toss them away. Dancing all night in some killer heels may seem like a great idea but for me all I get are just some killer blisters! My trick is this. Right before I head out to go to the formal venue I grab my flats. I have these perfectly worn in pair of J.Crew black flats that I always throw on. They are my most comfortable shoes and in those dark venues, people aren't even looking at what you have on your feet!

Put on your dancing shoes

I'm currently looking around for a new pair of formal flats that will keep me looking great but let me dance all night long. I'm truly lusting after those J.Crew Lillian wedges. They do have a little bit of a heel on them but they still look so comfortable, not to mention those Seychelles Home Sweet Home flats. Oh girl. 

So find your dancing shoes and have a killer night! 

Happy feet happy girl,

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