Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hump Day is here!

T.G.I.H.D. Is that a thing? I'm not sure but I'm making it one.

I don't know why but this week has already been a complete whirlwind. Maybe because I've been thrown back into the swing of things after a week of no schedules, no assignments and no cafeteria food or maybe because it's simply a busy week, either way, it's been crazy. I am already feeling overwhelmed and this is not how I should be feeling two days after a break. I was hoping to come back feeling rested and revitalized, ready to tackle this second half of the semester head on but I'm feeling like it just tackled me.

After feeling lost for the first two days of this week and more importantly being completely unproductive it is now time to regroup. Chill, Emily. I talked about my need to relax and simply breathe in one of my recent posts [here] and these are the times when I really need to work on this.

Last night, well after I finished all of my work it was technically this morning, I took a minute to just sit. I've got a lot on my plate for the rest of this week and it was a good chance for me to lay out all that needs to get done. I think the main reason why Monday and Tuesday seemed so hectic was because I hadn't prepared myself for it. I didn't realize I had all of this work that was going to be pushed onto my plate and I didn't have time to plan and prioritize. By giving myself that little bit of time right before I went to bed I allowed myself to take a breathe and visualize what was going to be coming up the next few days and you know what, it's totally doable. Phew. Take a breath. I got this.

Now with hump day it's smooth sailing, or at least all downhill from here! If you're feeling stressed at all today take some time to sit down and just breathe. The work will get done, it's not worth feeling frazzled! So T.G.I.H.D! Let's enjoy this Wednesday!

Turning this week around,

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