Monday, January 6, 2014

So I'm starting a blog.

Maybe it's cliche. Maybe it's cheesy. Maybe it's a New Year's resolution that I'll quit as soon as I start it but I'm starting it anyways. I've never had a diary nor have I been able to ever keep up with a journal but I think this is good and I'm honestly pretty excited about it.

So to start, here's a little about me.

I like J.Crew and cupcakes. I keep mementos in boxes. I check the weather every morning right after I check Instagram. I'm not someone who is glued to my phone but I always look for texts from my long distance other half. I like scarves and I like colorful clothes. I'm a prints person and I guess that's where the title came from. I love stationary and letters make my day. I'm a list person and my day revolves around checking things off. I can't really pull off hats, I like cats more than dogs and I'm not a fan of Oreos.

Simply stated, I'm a quirky 20 year old college girl just trying to figure out life and having a blast while doing it.

Here's to figuring it out as I go!